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 Anti - Jump Barriers

Welcome to Genesis Anti - Jump Barriers; Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of high security Anti Jump Barriers for all commercial and retail sectors.

Statistics show that incidents of armed robbery and assault are reduced up to 85% with the installation of Anti - Jump Barriers.

The cost of an Anti Jump screen (AJB) installed across the counter of a branch is minuscule compared to the psychological impact and possible prosecution of failing to ensure the safe workplace of your employees.

The benefits of Anti-Jump Barriers include:

  • Increased safety of staff
  • The physical deterrent discourages “jump over” robberies
  • Anti - Jump Barriers compliment the interior design of contemporary service and retail outlets.
  • Clear definition of the public area while maintaining easy communication with customers.  
  • We have many years of experience in the areas of design, fabrication and deployment of large Anti - Jump Barrier projects

We work collaboratively with Security Heads, Architects, Builders, Fit-out companies, Designers, and Specifiers in executing installation your Anti Jump Barrier programes effectively, accurately and on time.

Functional Design   

Manufactured from high strength polycarbonate or acrylic the screens form  incredibly strong structures which are virtually unbreakable. Our screens are secured firmly to the counter area with our steel or aluminium structures. Our Ballistic option provides Bullet resistant protection against hand guns and assault rifle and can withstand multi-shot assault, absorbing the total impact energy without dangerous spalling.

Aesthetic Design

The materials and equipment we use in construction, our Anti-Jump Barriers allow for diverse design flexibility.  For example this allows us to also compliment the interior design program that maybe specified by Architects.


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  I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional service that you have delivered to us this year. I have found Genesis to be one of the best companies that i have dealt with. Your attention to the detail and timely delivery of quality products is a credit to you and your team 

- Steve NSW Roads & Traffic Authority